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Simply put, wedding coaching is intended to coach couples through any segment of their wedding planning process. There's a lot to navigate which means there will inevitably be a lot of questions. Why search online for generic answers that only address half your concern when you can receive customized, personable guidance from a professional wedding planner instead?

Your help request can range from tricky family dynamics to budgeting for the whole wedding to constructing a rental order. This is customized coaching designed specifically for YOU!

Wedding coaching designed just for you


Maybe so, but that's just how I do things around here. Pure, honest, industry-experienced knowledge and advice to help any type of bride and groom that's getting ready to say "I Do."

Now, does this mean I encourage people to not hire a Wedding Coordinator? Absolutely not! I was a bride that made the mistake of opting out of one due to budget constraints (you know...that amount we said we weren't going to go over, but we definitely went over?) and to this day it's something I still regret. The benefit, however, is that I get to carry those hands-on lessons over to the way I serve my clients and educate the population of the wedding world. 

Is it weird for a Wedding Coordinator to tell you that it's ok to not hire ONE?

All your wedding questions finally answered!

For not hiring a professional Wedding Coordinator or Planner (yet!), rest assured that that sought-after, professional guidance is still accessible and it's not something you want to miss out on!

Whatever Your Reason May Be

Two weeks of email access to me! Have another question? Need further clarification? Want more tips and tricks? Just send me an email and I'll get back to you ASAP! 

Two Week Support

A write up within 48 hours of our session that will thoroughly outline everything we discussed, including links to resources and recommendations, your immediate homework items, and a mini planning timeline for you to follow.

Full personalized Written Outline

Which will be split into two segments - one being focused on your biggest concern(s) that you need to hash out and the other being focused on your current wedding plans. We will identify your next best steps forward, as well as how to navigate those areas of concern.

90 minute Zoom Session

IN YOUR investment of $295

Whats Included